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B M Ashraf: Ashraf was born in the historical south Indian port city of Mangalore. He hails from a family who has deep roots in timber trading and saw-milling, which spans three generations. Therefore, it was only natural when Ashraf decided to follow in the footsteps of his father Mr. B. Ahmed Hajee Mohiudeen and his grandfather the late Mr. Yenepoya Moideen Kunhi, by venturing into the family’s timber business. Immediately after graduating from St. Aloysius College Mangalore, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, Ashraf honed his knowledge in timber and forestry by completing a diploma course in Timber Technology at the prestigious Forest Institute, Dehradun in northern India. Upon his foray into the timber business, Ashraf played a key role in expanding the BA Group’s timber import portfolio, and in the late 1980s successfully positioned it as one of the largest importers of logs in India. Simultaneously, Ashraf was involved in forming the “Karnataka Timber Importers Association (KTIA)” and is a member of its Founding Committee, while also serving as its Vice President from 1985 to 1987.

Mohiudeen Wood Works Co. LLC, Ajman – Early on during his formative years as a business entrepreneur, Ashraf was drawn to the United Arab Emirates by its tremendous economic potential. In 1993 Ashraf decided to settle down in the UAE and eventually set up Mohiudeen Wood Works Co. LLC (MWW) in Ajman. By doing so, he established what is now regarded as the first saw-mill in the Middle East. This decision was a calculated risk and a paradigm shift from traditional sawmills, because traditionally speaking saw-mills are normally located in close proximity to forests, which in turn ensures uninterrupted access to raw material, whereas the Emirate of Ajman back in 1993 was a desert with just a few other businesses to count, and logs would have to be shipped from distant forests across the globe, all the way to the Middle East.

The risks associated with setting up a sawmill in Ajman eventually paid off and almost twenty five years later MWW has become a well-established entity in global timber trade. MWW has since constantly remained at the forefront of the local and international timber industry. Ashraf acknowledges the support he has received over the past years from his family and members of the ruling family of Ajman who have always extended their enduring support to him and his enterprises.

Branching out into a new field in 2006, Ashraf along with his wife Tanya jointly founded Roxx – a retailer of high-end designer garments and prêt wear, which has since become a well recognized designer fashion house in the UAE.

Ashraf currently serves on the board of trustees of Gulf Medical University, Ajman, which is ranked among the top educational institutions in the Gulf region and Mohiudeen Educational Trust, India. He is also a Director of the BA Group in India, which has diverse interests in education, saw-milling, plywood, block board, flush door manufacturing units, along with significant holdings in real estate development and construction.